What Does iRiSiNG

Do ?

I RISING CO., LTD., is importer and wholesaler for smart equipment with a wide distribution network in Korea. Since its established in 2016, I RISING has being exported and imported all the accessories with fun and useful stuffs.

I RISING CO., LTD. works with a much larger network of about 20 of retail stores and many specialty forums, nationally in Korea.

Especially, most of staffs have knowledge of smart and fun equipment which are camera, lenses, software and and any gadget stuffs.


Create soulful portraits with our Velvet 85 art lens. Compose impressionistic masterpieces with a velvety glow at bright apertures, straight out of camera. Use darker apertures to bypass glow and make images with a crisp, film-like aesthetic. 

The Velvet 85 design features a solid heft and smooth, dampened manual focus.


We are proud to announce that

R2 Ranger, the new version of clampod have been launched. 


Not only can it be clamped on to tubes, it can also be secured on flat surfaces. It is portable and convenient to use for consumer electronics such as smartphones and tablets and selfie, live webcast, record video.

Even extreme sports will not affect its function, so enjoy every moment and explore new experiences with R2 Ranger Clampod Professional edition!